Atol Avion Oy and Blue Skies Aviation Oy have signed a contract about Rotax 912 S3 engine conversion kit for Cessna 150 aircrafts. Atol Avion will manufacture required parts for the kits and provides assemblies too. First kits will be ready soon, contact for details.

The wing of ATOL 650 LSA aircraft is on display at Science Center Pilke.
Pilke is located in Atol Avion’s hometown Rovaniemi.
See the forest like you’ve never seen it before –¬† at the Science Center Pilke.

Short update from our busy workshop.
Based on customer feedbacks and our own experience we modified ATOL’s cockpit to make it even more roomy. Canopy is now about 10% wider from shoulder level and that improved visibility and overall looks too!
Here You can see model for the new mold. This all new mold saves time and money as there are less parts now in the fuselage and makes the front section lighter and stronger too!
Only few steps away now from first production fuselage! Stay tuned!

On 23.08.1988, the first ATOL aircraft ( U165 ) performed its maiden flight, so Atol Avion celebrated its 30 year anniversary on 24.08.2018. Former and present employees along with a few special quests celebrated this milestone at Atols Rovaniemi factory and this was the first of several special events to be held in celebration of this jubilee year.

Production update


It’s been awhile since our last production update. This is due to the summer holiday season, which is still continuing thru August.

We here at Atol Avion have been working thru midnight summer days and even though some of us have been on holiday, others have been working.

Few pics from our workshop for you to enjoy.

We would like to wish everyone a great summer! Enjoy the summer and water flying.