ATOL Expands to USA


PRESS RELEASE April 4th 2017

Rovaniemi, Finland,
Friedrichshafen, Germany

Brunswick, Maine, USA,
Lakeland, Florida, USA

Atol Avion today announced the creation of Atol USA, Inc., a joint venture between Finland’s Atol Avion and a US based investor group for the production, distribution and support of the Atol 650 LSA in the North American market. Atol USA also announced the selection of Brunswick Landing for its US headquarters and production facility.

Mr. Paul Richards has been chosen to be the person in charge of the fund raising and to ramp up the assembly in the US.

Atol Avion is very excited to have experienced and motivated persons in its US team and believes that this is the fastest and best way to serve our North American customers in the biggest and fastest growing market area.

The negotiations of the structure and the location of the Atol Avion USA has been a very pleasant and efficient process says Co-founder Anssi Rekula of Atol Avion Oy Finland.

The Atol USA Inc. combines the strengths of Atol Avion Oy’s Team Finland and the US Team.

The further improved ATOL 650 LSA can be seen at AERO Friedrichshafen in the coming days.

The test flight program of Atol 650 LSA is well on the go and the demo flights for the potential clients start in Finland in the end of April / early May 2017.
Interested clients are welcomed to fly the amazing Atol 650 LSA.

Atol Avion will begin deliveries for the first customers from their Finnish factory on the second half of this year and deliveries from the Brunswick Landing operation are scheduled for mid-2018.

About Atol Avion:

Was founded by Mr. Markku Koivurova and Mr. Anssi Rekula in 2012 to continue the development of Mr. Koivurova’s innovation of Atol 650 LSA amphibian. The company resides at Arctic Circle in the city of Rovaniemi, Finland.
Amphibian flying offers extreme freedom especially in Finland, the land of thousands and thousands of lakes and rivers.

About Atol USA, Inc: Atol USA, Inc is a joint venture between Atol Avion and an American Investor group and was formed to handle the production, delivery and support of the Atol 650 for the North American market. Atol USA is headquartered at Brunswick Landing in Brunswick, ME.

For further information:

Atol Avion Oy
Co-Founder Anssi Rekula, tel. +358-40-501 4156

Atol USA Inc.
President Paul Richards tel. +1-888-928-4362


The annual airshow, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, is getting nearer and Atol Avion is also attending!

You can find us from the Seaplane Base and booths 169 & 170, together with Aero Sports Association (ASA). You can check booth location from an interactive map by clicking here.

For more information:

Do you want to see ATOL 650 LSA flying on the Arctic Circle and in the Finnish Archipelago? Check out the video below:

Below you can see couple of still pictures from the video shoot at Inkoo, Finland.

IMG_0626400001460535209 (1)








ATOL 650 LSA is one of the main stars at Sodankylä Airshow on Saturday 6th of June in Finnish Lapland. This is first airshow where ATOL is performing live in the air for audience. The event lasts from 10 to 17 and the admission is free. Read more about the airshow on their webpage here.

Our Crowd Funding Campaign is still open at – You too can be a part of the Finnish aircraft factory!

One of the most followed aircraft blogger Dan Johnson came to see ATOL to our stand at AERO and interviewed me. This video is on Youtube at

It contains not only my interview but also a clip of old ATOL landing and taking off from water and some pictures of new ATOL. Have a look and enjoy!