Atol Avion news


After successful round of our shares offering, company is now financially in a good shape.

Jaakko Kilpeläinen is nominated for a new CEO, starting 1. August 2018. Jaakko has been secretary of the board for few years and is familiar the goals and challenges of the company. Markku Koivurova continues as a head of design and can now concentrate more for type certification and production with some strengthened resources. Markku will continue as the chairman of the board. The board of directors will be reinforced with a new member too.

All test flight experiences are analyzed and taken into consideration. An additional safety latch will be installed to the canopy mechanism to prevent unwanted opening at flight. Fuel system will be modified to host flexible, anti-explosion and anti-slosh tanks for added safety.

Company is actively seeking bigger facilities near airport and water to enable growth. Decision will be made during summer.

Atol Avion is stronger than ever and will continue to climb higher.