A long journey is behind and our team has landed to Airventure 2017 Sea Plane Base. Our team consists of the two founders of Atol Avion Oy, CEO Markku Koivurova & Sales Director Anssi Rekula, Mrs. Sinikka Koivurova and Mr. Tuomas Koivurova who both are significant stakeholders in Atol Avion Oy and our trusted test pilot Mr. Ari Saarinen who has the best flight characteristics know-how of Atol 650 LSA.

Also Mr. Paul Richards, the founder and CEO of Atol USA Inc. has joined our team and is present at Airventure.You are welcome to meet us and receive the latest ATOL news.


We are happy to announce that we have sold first Atol 650 LSA aircraft to Australia. This plane shall have some of the extra options including the Atol Mobile Hangar and Atol Water Taxi System.

The aircraft will be delivered to the buyer during the first quarter of 2018.


We are happy to announce, that Atol 650 LSA (OH-XNA) starts customer test flights in Finland right after our team returns from Oskosh, USA.

If you are interested, please contact to make a booking. Anssi is present at Airventure 2017 in Oskosh at Seaplane base. The first available slots for flying are available starting August 7th 2017.

Atol Avion Oy and Atol USA Inc. will appear at Airventure 2017 in Oskosh, USA

Atol Avion team strengthened by Paul Richards of Atol USA will appear at Seaplane Base during EAA 2017.

This is the second year Atol has a stand at Airventure. You are most welcome to come and share some amphibian ideas with us and hear about the latest status of ATOL 650 LSA. Airventure 2017 is the perfect event to make a booking for a test flight of Atol 650 LSA and / or book a slot for your own aircraft. Bus transportation to the Seaplane Base is offered every day during AirVenture - See You there!

Important news and events update Q2/2017 !

Directed share release to existing owners succeeds 100% !

(June 25th 2017)

Atol Avion Oy offered 3500 shares for subscription to existing owners of the company. The amount represents about 15% of the total of shares. The subscription period of one week expired on June 24th and by the end of the period 100% of the offered shares were subscribed. The Board of the Company is very thankful to the subscribers and happy that the company has now secured the finance for ramping the production up.

ATOL USA Inc. founded

(June 15th)

Atol Avion Oy has founded a joint-venture, Atol USA Inc., to USA together with Mr. Paul Richards. Paul is also the CEO of the Company. The company is founded to Brunswick in Maine, USA.The company will start sales and assembly of Atol 650 LSA primarily for the North American market.

Finnish Minister of Foreign Trade and Development visits Atol Avion Oy

(May 29th 2017)

Mr. Kai Mykkänen, the Finnish Minister of Foreign Trade and Development visited Atol Avion Oy on Monday the 29th of May. Minister was delighted to see the development of ATOL 650 LSA amphibian aircraft.The Minister noted the lack of bilateral agreement between Finland and USA regarding small aircrafts with engines and promised his assistance in solving this matter.

ATOL Expands to USA

Atol Avion today announced the creation of Atol USA, Inc., a joint venture between Finland’s Atol Avion and a US based investor group for the production, distribution and support of the Atol 650 LSA in the North American market. Atol USA also announced the selection of Brunswick Landing for its US headquarters and production facility.

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Four SeasonsThree ElementsTwo SeatsOne Aircraft

The ATOL is a 2-seat Hi-tech Amphibious LSA with Strong and Light Wood Composite Structure.

The all new ATOL 650 LSA is based on the original ATOL Amphibian’s structure which has been updated to today’s standards. The airframe has been lenghtened by one metre (3′ 4″) for better handling and increased Maximum Take-off Weight (MTOW), which for an ATOL classified as a Light Sport Aircraft is 650 kg (or 1430 lb.)

ATOL’s main structure is modern wood composite (birch with PVC foam in between) which is certainly one of it’s strengths. Pine, fabric and composites are also used in structures.

The two-seat ATOL has a conventional landing gear and the main gear retracts for flight and water operations. Special attention has been paid to aircraft’s safe operation and ATOL even reminds for proper landing gear position prior to landing.

The entire nose section, cockpit interior and engine cowling are redesigned from scratch. Pilot and passenger seats are pitched by 30 cm (12″) to give maximum shoulder space and optimum weight and balance control – there’s no need for separate balance weights. The rear hinged canopy rises with instrument panel so you can enter and exit without getting your feet wet on beaches.

New Rotax 912 iS engine was chosen for fuel efficiency and a multitude of choice in fuels (95 or 98 octane mogas with ethanol or 100LL), and the ATOL 650 LSA has an endurance of nine hours. The Rotax 912 iS is also a reliable engine with long service intervals (TBO, Time Before Overhaul.)

ATOL flying over Rovaniemi in November 2015. ATOL flying over Rovaniemi in November 2015.
ATOL flying over Rovaniemi in November 2015.

Service & Warranty

General maintenance

Due to its careful design, the ATOL requires only cleaning and daily inspection in normal operations. After each major overhaul warranty will be another 2000 hour or 10 years. In other words ATOL has unlimited warranty excluding normal wear and tear. For the engine and avionics just follow their manufacturers’ service instructions.

Your ATOL should be stored in relatively normal conditions in a hangar or ATOL Mobile Hangar. Automatic condition monitoring system with data logger and a modem will inform you and the factory should there be any service actions required.

The ATOL Service Program

Our service interval is every 100 hours or annually and major overhaul interval is every 2000 hours or 10 years.

Major overhaul is carried out by the distributor or ATOL factory where the aircraft is returned to original factory specifications. When normal service program and storage instructions are followed and ATOL’s automatic condition monitoring system sends regular condition reports to the factory ATOL has 2000 hour or 10 year warranty.

Technical Specifications

Empty weight 375 kg (826 lb)
Maximum Take-Off Weight 650 kg (1430 lb)
Payload 275 kg (604 lb)
Take-off distance from water at MTOW over 15 m (50 ft) obstacle 450 m (1475 ft)
Engine Rotax 912 iS (100 bhp)
Propeller 1720 mm (68″) three-blade prop fixed pitch


Length 7,45 m (24′ 5″)
Wing span 9,00 m (29′ 6″)
Wing area 13,5 m2 (145 ft2)
Tail plane span 2,60 m (8′ 6″)
Width, wings folded 2,2 m (7′ 3″)


Stalling speed at MTOW 74 km/h (46 mph)
Cruise speed 170 km/h (106 mph)
Fuel capacity 128 liters (34 gal)
Fuel consumption 14–19 l/h (3,7–5,0 gal/h)
Range (max) 1300 km (805 miles)
Endurance (max) 9 hours
Water taxiing in Kemijoki (“Kemi River”), Rovaniemi. December 2014. Water taxiing in Kemijoki (“Kemi River”), Rovaniemi. December 2014.
Water taxiing in Kemijoki (“Kemi River”), Rovaniemi. December 2014.


The current base price for an ATOL 650 LSA with standard equipment is EUR 149,000.00.
A reservation deposit, which guarantees your production slot, is EUR 5,000.00

Standard equipment

  • Wing folding system with automatic control line connection
  • Dual controls
  • Dual brake pedals
  • Four point seat belts and shoulder harnesses
  • Electric trim
  • Glass cockpit
  • 4,3″ MGL XTreme Engine Monitoring System
  • Mounting for an iPad
  • Electrical sockets in the instrument panel and upper panel
  • Cockpit heater and defog
  • Fresh air nozzle
  • Emergency canopy release
  • One-bolt propeller quick connection
  • Canopy locking from the outside
  • Bilge pump
  • Bulkheads in the rear fuselage to prevent any bilge water from moving uncontrollably
  • Stern cleat and mooring posts
  • Water rudder integrated in the tail wheel
  • Paddles and fasteners
  • Nose storage compartment
  • Cockpit upholstery fabric/artificial leather, luggage compartment painted
  • Two-color paint scheme with decals (factory design), special design or colors subject to separate offer
  • Pilot Operating Handbook, service manuals and repair instructions
  • ATOL Service Program

Optional equipment

Mobile Hangar EUR 12,500
ATOL Water Taxiing System (AWTS) 14 kg (31 lb) EUR 6,000
Wing Folding System with Electric Remote System 1 kg (2 lb) EUR 2,900
Radio, MGL Avionics VHF-6 0,8 kg (1,8 lb) EUR 1,400
Transponder, S-mode, Trig Avionics TT21 0,8 kg (1,8 lb) EUR 2,400
BRS Parachute 12 kg (26 lb) EUR 7,500
LED Navigation and Strobe Lights 1 kg (2 lb) EUR 1,200
LED Landing Light 1 kg (2 lb) EUR 900
Anchor with ropes 2 kg (4 lb) EUR 200
Amphib skis 16 kg (35 lb) EUR 5,900
Straight skis 6 kg (13 lb) EUR 1,200
“Ski bag” in the rear fuselage for carrying long items 2 kg (4 lb) EUR 200
ATOL flying over Rovaniemi in November 2015. ATOL flying over Rovaniemi in November 2015.
ATOL flying over Rovaniemi in November 2015.


People behind ATOL Avion have long experience from various parts of aviation industry. Below you can get to know the team who is working to make ATOL possible.


Markku Koivurova

Co-Founder, CEO, Head of Design

Markku is the head designer of ATOL and responsible manager at our Rovaniemi factory. He also designed and manufactured earlier ATOLs and has been involved in numerous other technical projects before returning back to his most beloved project. He became an entrepreneur in 1986.

Anssi Rekula

Co-Founder, Sales Director

Anssi is a co-founder of Atol Avion. He worked as a fully licenced maintenance and flight engineer at the Finnish Border Guard with SAR helicopters before starting his flight career at Finnair in 1990. Anssi has flown DC-9, MD-80, MD-11, A320 and A340 aircrafts during past 26 years. Anssi retired from Finnair in spring 2016 and can now fully concentrate to ATOL.


Ari Saarinen

Advisor, Test Pilot

Ari has made a career as a fighter pilot (Draken) in Rovaniemi, followed by working for Blue1 as a commercial pilot. Ari flies also all kind of aircrafts in various shows.

Ari Tamminen

Advisor, Test Pilot

Ari has a long career in commercial piloting for Finnair. Today he is using his skills for building his own plane and flies merely for fun.

Timo Toikka

Advisor, Head of Flight Training

Timo Toikka is ATOL Avion’s advisor and Head of Flight Training. Timo has worked as a commercial flight pilot in Finland and around Europe. Plane types he has been flying: King Air 90-200, Beechjet 400, Citation X, Citation Excel, Challenger 350, Single engine land and sea CRI/CRE IRI/IRE TRI/TRE.

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Atol Avion Ltd is a company specialised in amphibious aircraft, product development and prototypes.

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Markku Koivurova

+358 400 180056

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96910 Rovaniemi, Finland


Anssi Rekula

Sales Director
+358 405 014156

Bulevardi 32 A7

00120 Helsinki, Finland

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Below you can see a couple of more pictures of the ATOL 650 LSA. For more high resolution photos, visit out media bank.

The ATOL 650 LSA and the Lapland. November 2015.
Flying over Kemijoki. November 2015.
The ATOL 650 LSA ready for transport with its wings folded. (1) The ATOL 650 LSA ready for transport with its wings folded. (1)
ATOL with its wings folded, ready for transportation.
The ATOL 650 LSA ready for transport with its wings folded. (2) The ATOL 650 LSA ready for transport with its wings folded. (2)
With the wings folded, the plane is only 2,2 metres (or 6′ 7″) wide.