Multirole Amphibious Two Seat Side-by-Side Folding Wing Composite Light Sport Aircraft with
Mobile Hangar and Unique Water Handling System



We’ve got more photos!

Published on 3rd Feb, 2015.

Yesterday we spent the day in a nearby airplane hangar, taking pictures of the ATOL. Go ahead and check them out at our photo gallery! Here’s a video demonstrating how easy it is to fold the wings of the ATOL for compact transportation:

Production update

Published on 20th Jan, 2015.

The fact is that it is really cold and dark in northern Finland this time of year. Realities in life have to be accepted. All the data we were after was received during successful water taxiing tests in almost totally frozen river Kemijoki. Flight tests will be continued from Rovaniemi airport when days get longer.…

ATOL 650 LSA’s water tests have started and it’s now ready for production

Published on 15th Dec, 2014.

We have finally performed first water taxi tests of our production prototype on 14th Dec 2014 at Rovaniemi Finland. After thorough systems tests, watertaxi tests were performed on river Kemijoki at Arctic Circle – just a few miles from Santa’s home. Plane worked as planned and proved to be even better than expected. We have…

ATOL and AirVenture 2014

Published on 11th Jul, 2014.

I’ll be visiting AirVenture 2014 in Oshkosh from Sunday 27th until Wednesday 30th. You will most likely see me in Seaplane Base where I can answer all your questions concerning ATOL. Somehow I prefer amphibs and floatplanes  ;-) Come and see me during AirVenture and let’s make your dreams come true. You can reach me via e-mail,…