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Interview with Dan Johnson

Published on 18th May, 2015.

One of the most followed aircraft blogger Dan Johnson came to see ATOL to our stand at AERO and interviewed me. This video is on Youtube at http://youtu.be/RN6uAhyPo6Y. It contains not only my interview but also a clip of old ATOL landing and taking off from water and some pictures of new ATOL. Have a…

Our Equity Crowdfunding Campaign has Launched

Published on 15th Apr, 2015.

The fundraising round We have successfully completed our first test flights and we believe the market is now ready for our expansion; we have a fixed pricing strategy and frequent inquiries about our planes from all over the world. We already have 5 orders, one of which is from the US. We believe Atol Avion…

ATOL 650 LSA has flown it’s first flight

Published on 10th Apr, 2015.

We completed the first flight tests yesterday! “The first flight went exactly as expected. In half an hour the flight carried out a number of different test, which for example ensured the plane’s behaviour in multiple unexpected circumstances, such as when the plane is stalling. The flight characteristics of the ATOL were exactly as expected…

We are fully ready!

Published on 31st Mar, 2015.

After the successful water tests 15th and 18th December last year, winter really took a grip here in Arctic Circle. Spring is now approaching and we are ready to get air under the wings of the ATOL prototype. The Finnish Aviation Authorities (Trafi) decided that even the prototype of the ATOL had to meet production…